In social media big data, there are hidden cruelty and hidden secrets of mobile phones.

Two or three years ago, when we talked about the wave of mobile Internet, we would definitely mention the popularity of smart phones. In the process of mobile phones becoming our organs, many manufacturers are experiencing cruel stories of their internal organs being emptied.
&ldquo of the year; &rdquo of China cool Union; only HUAWEI could not rain. The sights of the once - sights were deep in the debt crisis, and Kim was still struggling to save itself under a huge hole, and the Meizu was busy adjusting the internal structure of the … … the opportunities left for them may not be much.
For HUAWEI, millet, OPPO, vivo, these leaders still face the negative growth of China's smart phone market last year. At present, the overall size of the market users is difficult to leap, so the stock users in the tide of change become the focus of competition.
It is hard to say that a series of behaviors of users decide the direction of mobile phone change, or the choice of mobile phone in the right or left. This is more likely to be a two-way flow, the user is releasing the known self and uncovering the unknown, and the handset vendor needs to find a way to improve the retention of the brand in the process of interacting with the user.
User behavior constitutes an industry barometer
Recently, micro-blog and market research company Sano jointly released the 2017 smart phone micro report (hereinafter referred to as “ report &rdquo). Based on the quantitative analysis of micro-blog users' active behavior in 2017, the report shows the change of China's smartphone market. Micro-blog has recorded the micro-blog data for major mobile phone manufacturers on the market, so it's like the stock index's meaning to the stock market. To some extent, the report from user behavior is also a barometer for the mobile industry.
1, HUAWEI OV Matthew effect intensifies
Xiaomi has gone through the worst times and returned to the first camp. The fact that micro-blog users' stock, increment and replacement retention data are integrated also confirm this fact.
From the new point of view, HUAWEI, millet, vivo, OPPO achieved adverse growth, but all only increased by 1%, while the total amount of other brand new shares declined by 3% over the same period.
When changing planes, the retention rate of iPhone was 5% lower than that of last year, while the addition and retention of the four major domestic brands were improved, with the retention rate of HUAWEI and millet increased by 9% and 8% respectively, and also the crown runner up on this key index.
With the acceleration of the market share of HUAWEI's four major OV brands, it is even more difficult for the following echelon manufacturers to catch up.
2. Apple's advantage has been hit
From the point of view of the replacement flow, whether Android users or iOS users, the choice of iPhone after the switch has decreased significantly. After the iPhone user switch, the proportion of Samsung's proportion innovation is only 3%, and the high-end flagship of Samsung has not been able to replace the iPhone. Instead, the share of the choice of OV meters is increasing.
3, the thousand yuan machine began to become a non mainstream
The report shows that only about 1.1% of micro-blog users are interested in buying more than 1000 yuan mobile phones, more than 57..3% users tend to buy more than 2500 yuan mobile phones. At the same time, compared with 44% of the users in 2016, the user replacement cycle will be longer than that of the 50% users in 1 years. In addition, the 26-35 year old white-collar has become the main driver of the 17 year replacement, and 58% users have used at least 5 smart phones.
In fact, it also reflects that consumer upgrading needs a material basis, and on the other hand, the manufacturers need technological innovation to upgrade consumer goods, and the electronic industry needs to innovate in many dimensions of hardware performance, appearance, and user experience.
Content marketing creates social currency
Of course, to win in the wave of change, to improve the retention rate of the brand, in addition to the hardware and face value, more need to understand the psychological motivation of loyal users.
Generally speaking, the motivation of consumers to choose social media is mainly “ function ” “ entertainment ” “ social ” and “ self ” four aspects. This requires mobile phone manufacturers to strengthen the connection between consumers and themselves, and build fans relationship with users in order to create social currencies.
As soon as the purchase is gradually disappearing, the consumption of each consumer is ultimately associated with emotion, and the social currency formed by the content operation is actually representing the assets shared between the consumer and the cell phone manufacturer. Such assets satisfy consumer groups' share and use, and bring them to buy and transform.
1. User portrait
In the era of Internet big data, users get the world. Based on the huge active user data of micro-blog, mobile phone manufacturers can excavate their users' sex, age, behavior attributes, interests and even psychological characteristics to build a complete set of user portrait. After constantly stacking and updating, users can achieve information and visualization, so as to achieve the goal of precision marketing.
According to this report, iPhone is still the first choice for women in a second tier city. Their age is 19-39 years old. Vivo and OPPO are the main young female users in small and medium-sized cities, but HUAWEI and millet are just the opposite. HUAWEI P10, glory 9, millet 6 and other mainstream models are male users. In addition, the location data of users' active check-in distribution indicate that different mobile phone users have different living and working conditions.
Such a user portrait also reflects the attention of the manufacturer to the marketing value of the head spokesmen, such as the more brands of millet and HUAWEI, the two male users, and began to force the women's market. The fans of their spokesmen are often dominated by female users, such as millet Wu Yifan, HUAWEI's Zhang Yixing, Hu Ge; and more female users OPPO and vivo continue to plough the female market, and tend to be more likely to flow small and red flowers in the choice of spokesmen.
2. Content operation
The most effective marketing is not advertising, but the content that enables the audience to take the initiative to interest, covering many dimensions, such as demand, motivation and values.
Unlike the traditional media, such as TV, radio, and newspaper, it is different from other forms of brand advertising (such as outdoor and building). Social media has transformed the one-way brand instillation mechanism into a dialogue mechanism, integrating product information into interesting micro-blog topics and language forms, attracting the attention of micro-blog users. And interest, and interact with it, thus promoting the diffusion of new products.
3. Transfer and transfer
Borrowing the argument of Wei Wu, a real social platform is transmitted quickly by the two sides, but the short video platform is not the same. Therefore, the concept of community and social networking is different. Micro-blog has a social chain and transfers quickly.
At this level, micro-blog is a “ everyone faces the multi - nonlinear structure of all people ” each node may be the highlight and selling point of the cell phone.
Write in the end
Mobile phone manufacturer's content operation covers at least five value dimensions: functional information, entertainment information, social interaction, brand interaction and self concept value, thus forming “ content marketing — customer brand participation in — brand loyalty ” chain.
As an open social platform, micro-blog has the innate advantage of being deeply related to mobile phone brands. With the &ldquo, the content fan - user - &rdquo, the social ecology closed loop, micro-blog has set up a unique platform ecosystem that combines star KOL, fans, customers and platforms closely.
Whether it is the celebrity effect of the spokesperson, the high quality IP flow effect, or the reputation effect of the brand, most of them still need the micro-blog and the amplifier. The application of social entry level to the mobile Internet user behavior perspective is an insight into the development trend of the mobile phone industry, and provides a reference for the marketing and product research and development of the smartphone manufacturers.